Jan Se Man Ki Jai Ho….

Synopsis An idol we preach, a God of whom we ask forgiveness for our misgivings, is now a 'burden' who bites the dust. Such is the condition of girls and women, in India, and around the world. Thespian Society's venture, Jan Se Man Ki Jai Ho tackles issues which have not yet been dealt with utmost seriousness, and the catastrophic consequences of which have been constantly undermined. Ironic as it may seem, the harsh and brutal reality of this life is brought to the fore so intensely by the expression of theatre. The production traces the story of a woman in its first half. The unnamed woman has been marred for life because of constant abuse at the hands of her husband and his family. Her only indiscretion – giving birth to a girl. The plot then swerves to a monologue, the perspective of an unborn baby girl. She talks of her aspirations, her dreams, and her goals and how they crumble to dust once she realizes that the very family who brought her into the world doesn't want her. Her only discretion – she was a girl. The other abstract elements of the production include the various facets of the society, into which the girl child is born. We at the Thespian Society wish to convey the importance of this issue in a way that tugs at the conscience and heart of every human. Dealing with the issue with utmost sensitivity, our goal is to bring change, one step at a time.

Language –Hindi
Duration –1hr
Direction – Raj Upadhyay

  • A Beautiful Play, I am Completely Amazed by Presentation And The Issue of Women Empowerment in such a manner that literally Moved me to Tears ! It's an Eye-Opener play, every Delhi Citizen should watch it !  
    Arvind Kejriwal
    Chief Minister of Delhi
  • A Inward Journey To Your Soul-Hardhitting, Intense-Leaves Me Emotionaly Drained And Leaves With More Questions To Answer-When I Go Back Home From Here, I Was Fortunate To Be Apart Of This Moment, Thanks Raj Sir, For Remebering Me.
    Ravish Kumar
  • "You left me with tears in my eyes. The Poignancy of the play was such that I did not even want to clap. Issues like these can't be explained via debates in the parliament, it is plays like 'Jan Se Mann ki Jai Ho' that will bring the change we want to see in the society."
    Vijay Goel
    Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports