Partnerships with MNCs, Government & NGOs

In partnership with the government and with NGOs, Thespian organizes need-based theatre workshops, streetplays and other productions to raise awareness for various social initiatives, including gender discrimination, pollution, population, HIV/AIDS, global warming, road safety, and awareness of health precautions, as well as for governmental schemes and priorities, like the promotion of tourism in India. These theatre workshops and plays provide encouragement for people to be a part of a greater purpose, and to work towards a safer and better world for our future generations.

Workshop with MNCs - We energise and transform working culture after having a deep study about the institution/company ,whether you’re looking to reach hundreds at a conference or energise a small team within a workshop setting, we can create a need-based program that will engage and motivate your people. We work across India, partnering with clients across all sectors to deliver interactive training that is memorable and achieves results. Working from the front line to senior management, we have one aim – to inspire people to act differently.
Our theatre-based training covers
-Behavioural Adaptation
-Leadership Skill Development
-Cultural And Personal Issues
-Negotiation Conflict Resolution


Our experience with Boston Consultancy was extremely fruitful . We were able to energize the participants and bring forward a spirit of togetherness. It was a great platform for the employees to share their ideas. Our workshop acted as a stress buster for the employees and they felt rejuvenated. The employees improved their communication skills with renewed motivation, focus and confidence.