Scope For Schools

Thespian aims to promote theatre as an art form and inculcate it in daily life. School and college students have impressionable minds and are brimming with energy. To channelize this energy, we have designed several workshops for them, as well as for teachers.

 "Children are the future of our nation"  J.L. Nehru

Theatre workshop for students

The future of our nation should be bright, active, quick and gregarious. Children are like soft clay that can be moulded in any way. They are the pothouse of energy. It is necessary to identify their potential and talents, and provide a shape to it. Thespian organizes workshops for children, both from schools and colleges. We use a child-centric approach and design programs for children keeping in mind the needs of the child. We pay individual attention to every child and aid in his or her overall development. Children learn group work while working with senior and junior artists. Thespian provides a platform to enjoy, express and learn – a place where children can learn acting, direction, production and other nuances of theatre. These workshops help in personality development, which further would help in development of healthy and progressive society.

Theatre workshop for teachers

Teachers have a major impact on the life of students. They are role models for the students. It is important that they have excellent command on their subjects and the skill to make the teaching process more interesting or use their teaching aids in the best possible manner. Theatre can be used as an interactive and attractive teaching aid, having a long term effect on the minds of children. Theatre has auditory as well as visual impact which makes the learning process easier. It makes the teaching process more enjoyable. Thespian provides training to the teachers for effective teaching methods. It assists teachers to make the teaching-learning process more proactive. It also helps increase their capacity to identify and refine the talents of their students. Thespian helps the teachers to achieve the objectives of education and helps make the teaching more process-oriented.  

School Events

Functions have a very important role for any educational institution. It is a stage for communication between the staff, parents and community. Previously, schools and universities were viewed simply as academic institutions, but today every school and college tries to provide a complete set of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Thespian Society, with its expertise in group design helps direct the school/ college functions professionally. It organizes:
  • Plays – Hindi/English
  • Ballet – Hindi/English
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Vandana
  • Light and Sound programs