Streetplays, today, have become a very effective means to reach out and connect with the common man. Its accessibility to people from all walks of life, interactive nature, the sense of local relevance and the live lifelike look give streetplays the strength to start revolutionary changes in society by raising awareness and mobilizing action against various social evils.
The same aspects of streetplays also make it an unconventional, yet extremely effective form of business advertisements. While companies have, so far, followed similar patterns of advertisements, we provide professional assistance for utilizing street theatre in promotional campaigns. Its live nature will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the target audience, and its difference from traditional methods of advertisements, which use various technologies and medias, will help make the product a centre of attraction and excitement.

At Thespian, we believe that theatre is an all-encompassing art form. It welcomes everyone, from all walks of life and adds a spark to every life it touches. Even the most mundane tasks can be made interesting if a touch of drama is added to them. This is why we believe that theatre can prove to be an immensely beneficial tool to corporations to motivate employees and increase employee efficiency. It is also an unconventional, yet extremely effective form of promotion. Our market is flooded with a lot of technologies and even more products under various brand names. If we scrutinize the factors affecting the sale of the product, we can easily observe the impact of advertising i.e. the promotional strategy. The quality of the advertisements or the promotional campaign can lead you to the top or leave you struggling amongst your competitors. The best approach would be the one which would leave its impression on consumers for a longer period of time. Till now, companies are seen following the same path with the same pattern of advertisements. To achieve something we have to think different and go for the things in a special and creative way. We need to create a centre of attention for the people that would leave them excited about the product. One such method could be the use of theatre as a medium to reach the target audience. Every person in this country gets hooked to theatre – one act plays, street plays, drama, songs music. So, the use of this medium could be an attractive, interesting yet informative way to attract our target groups. Besides when we see something in front of our eyes, an impression is imprinted on our minds. Thespian provides help to private organizations and multinationals in their promotional campaigns. This society is flooded with creative and innovative ideas that can be used in a manner apart from the regular ones and make people see things differently. We also take into consideration the needs of adults, and thus organize workshops for them at their workplace.